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While Crop Circles certainly are beautiful and fascinating, the destruction they cause to radish crops can be devastating. It seems the Circle Makers love radishes.

That’s why this radish is for you. Normal radishes repel bad garden bugs, companion planting keeners know that radishes ward off squash bugs and borers from squash bushes. Radishes are also a deterrent against cucumber beetles and carrots rust flies. Any plain old radish will even lure leaf miners away from spinach. But this radish repels crop circles!

Full money-back guarantee if crop circles destroy your radish patch.

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Piebird’s Crop Circle Radish. Open Pollinated.

A gourmet deep plum purple globe-shaped radish with tender, crisp, white flesh. Holds its shape well without cracking or getting pithy. A hardy and adaptable radish.

Planting Instructions:

30 days. Radishes are a cool season crop and are quick to mature.  These heirloom seeds can be planted in spring or fall.  Direct sow and cover with 1/4” of light soil.  After the first few true leaves appear, thin to desired spacing.

Seed every few weeks for continuous harvesting.  Consistent moisture will eliminate woody roots and make a better tasting radish.

Traditional heirloom name: “Purple Plum”